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Win By KO Publications is dedicated to publishing high-quality boxing books.

Owner/Author Adam Pollack is a member of the Boxing Writers Association of America, a boxing referee and judge, a former boxing coach, and an attorney living in Iowa City, Iowa.

Books written by other authors and published by Win By KO Publications

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Adam was a guest lecturer on the career of John L. Sullivan for the Whitehall lecture series at the Flagler Museum in Palm Beach, Florida, and also an interviewee in the documentary film on James J. Corbett, The Gentleman Prizefighter, which was narrated by Liam Neeson.

Adam has written and published: In the Ring With John L. Sullivan, In the Ring With James J. Corbett, In The Ring With Bob Fitzsimmons, In the Ring With James J. Jeffries, In the Ring With Marvin Hart, In the Ring With Tommy Burns, In the Ring With Jack Johnson - Part I: The Rise, and In the Ring With Jack Johnson - Part II: The Reign, which are available through or this website using the Contact Form

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